NCP Holland has an extremely fast infrastructure with powerful data servers and rendering machines that make it possible to master Digital Cinema Packages (DCPs) with a very quick turn-around.
2K, 4K, 3D stereoscopic, NCP Holland is able to supply any kind of DCP.

NCP Holland’s two projection rooms are equipped with various Digital Cinema servers and projectors for the end control of DCPs. Color corrections and color conversions to ‘X’Y'Z, the color space for digital cinema projection, can be viewed and judged on the big screen and frame adjustments can be made.

Through digital projection, there are more possibilities for showing movies, trailers and commercials on the big screen, as well as documentaries, short films and alternative content. Thanks to advanced technique and broad experience, NCP Holland is able to make DCPs from a wide variety of source materials. Please contact us if you want to know more about making your film suitable for cinema viewing.