Existing DCPs can be adapted by NCP Holland. It’s possible, for instance, to replace or add leaders or to provide a DCP with a different (dub) sound track. Adding one or more subtitle tracks to a DCP is one way of making a film suitable for showing in various countries.

Thanks to the alliance of digital film lab Nedcipro and the renowned subtitle company Holland Subtitling, NCP Holland offers an unprecedented, wide-ranging subtitle service that ranges from translation to the delivery of the DCP with subtitle supplement. NCP Holland can also provide subtitling for materials that are offered on videotape or are file-based. The possibilities that Nedcipro and Holland Subtitling are able to offer in this area are unparalleled.

NCP Holland is a specialist in the subtitling of 3D films. Both static 3D subtitling, wherein all subtitles receive the same position in ‘depth’, and dynamic 3D subtitling, wherein the ideal place is decided for each subtitle, are possible.