The Netherlands has a longstanding tradition in subtitling, beginning in the 1920s.
Our team has over 25 years experience in the area of subtitling.

The process of subtitling takes place in three consecutive steps:

1: The translation
2: The spotting
3: Technically adding the subtitles

Translating for film is a skill. It is both translating from one language into another, and translating from speaking language into reading language. The translator must condense the spoken text into an acceptable reading speed for the viewer. Our freelance translators, all of them with longstanding experience, are adepts at this.

Spotting consists of placing the subtitles. This is precision work, especially when the dialogue is fast. NCP Holland has extensive experience in spotting, including the spotting of less common languages.

The options for technically adding subtitling are numerous at NCP Holland. We provide subtitling for DCPs, DIGI-BETAs, BETA-SPs, DVDs and Blu-rays, among others. In addition, we are specialized in the subtitling of 35mm and 16mm films. Our laser equipment applies razor-sharp and clearly readable subtitling to positive 35mm and 16mm copies.

NCP Holland offers a total solution for all your subtitling and translation needs