From the lab to the cinema.
NCP Holland is able to ship DCPs in several ways. Distribution on physical carriers, such as hard drives or USB flash drives, or delivery via internet or satellite: it’s all feasible.
In general, CRU hard drives are used for shipping movie DCPs to cinemas. The eSATA connection for data transfer of these hard drives make it possible for DCPs to be uploaded quickly to the data storage of the cinema.

NCP Holland ships the CRU hard drives in shockproof plastic crates that have earned the nickname of ‘lunch boxes’ among cinema technicians. For delivery to foreign festivals the CRU hard drives are shipped in indestructible Peli cases.

These various materials can be ordered at competitive rates through NCP Holland.

NCP Holland is also able to send files via the SmartJog network to its member cinemas, film laboratories and post production companies.